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  1. What ages of students do you teach?
    I accept students from age 4 and up. There is no upper limit; my eldest student is 60+.
  2. What is the right age for my child to start learning the violin?
    It is generally advised that children be of minimum 4 years of age before enrolling. It is around this time where they can achieve minimum 15-20 minutes concentration as well as general strength and motor control required for individual finger movement. They also need to have basic reading and counting skills.
  3. My child is between 2-4 years old, and I would like them to start music lessons. What would you advise?
    I would suggest enrolling them in an early childhood music course. These group courses foster the development of rhythm, pitch and music appreciation, while providing children with a positive and fun early interaction with music. These skills are highly beneficial and will provide a solid foundation for when they commence private violin lessons.
  4. How long does it take to reach AMEB Grade 1/2/3 etc?
    There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on factors such as each student’s different musical background, practice ethic, age, and interest level to name a few. With the recommended amount of practice, the average young beginner should be able to progress one grade every 10-18 months. For adults, it would be 8-15 months. This also depends on the grades – it takes less time to move from Grade 1 to 2 standard, than it does from 7 to 8.
  5. What is your experience in teaching?
    I have over 10 years of teaching all levels, from beginners up to diploma level students.
  6. Do you use the Suzuki method?
    No, I am not a Suzuki teacher; however some pieces that we cover in lessons may be found in Suzuki books.
  7. Do you teach group lessons?
    Generally they are not available, as every student has their own unique set of strengths, challenges and goals. Lessons are tailored to fit each student’s needs.
  8. What do I need to start having violin lessons with you?
    Beginners need an appropriately-sized violin with shoulder rest(please contact for help in determining the correct size), a beginner’s violin book, as well as a music stand for practice at home. I like to use either “A Tune a Day Book 1”, “The Eta Cohen Violin Method Book 1”, Suzuki Vol 1 or a combination of those and others. If you have learnt before, you need to bring your violin, as well as most recent pieces and exercises you’ve been practising.
  9. What advice do you have in picking out a violin on a budget? Can I get a secondhand violin off Facebook, Gumtree etc?
    In general, I would recommend going to a music store, especially if you and/or your child have not had any violin lessons before. If you contact me, I can put you in touch with some of the best-priced violin dealers in Sydney. These Chinese imports are excellent value for money, especially if you are a complete beginner.
    Getting a secondhand violin off Facebook and Gumtree is always a tricky business. Usually I would not recommend sourcing it from these places as it is difficult to ascertain the condition of the violin; unless you absolutely know what to look out for, it is likely you will end up having to purchase another case/bow/multiple strings – in which case it would have been far more economical to get a new beginner’s kit.
  10. Do you travel for lessons?
    At the moment, I only teach from Burwood.
  11. What is your lesson cancellation policy?
    I require 24 hours’ notice in advance, unless it is due to sickness or emergency. Please see the Studio Policy 2022 Document for more information.

Studio Policies 2022

Please download the Studio Policy 2022.